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Wood fired ovens

From the January 2013 issue.
Wood fired ovens

Existing since ancient times, the wood fired oven has now made a comeback. Summer is a great time to enjoy delicious pizzas, breads and roasts cooked in the traditional way.

Italian pizzerias throughout the world wanting to offer diners authentic pizzas continue to turn to wood fired ovens – after all, that’s the way pizzas were meant to be cooked.

Before modern ovens were even invented, wood fired ovens offered the perfect cooking solution. This method of cooking provides a beautiful delicate smoky flavour that can’t be replicated in a gas or electric oven.

Despite the widespread appeal of wood fired ovens for cooking pizza, they are also great for cooking breads, roasts, meat, roasted vegetables and even desserts.

The history of the wood fire oven goes back thousands of years. They existed in ancient Rome and ancient Egypt, and were used in Spain, France, Turkey, Peru, Bulgaria and parts of Asia. Today, the use of wood fired ovens has spread all over the world – and Australia is just one country that has recognised the benefits.

Wood fired ovens are now readily available throughout the country. They can be purchased complete, as a kit or built using special bricks.

The wood fired oven has morphed into more than just a functional cooking device. It is now also seen as a key design feature, carefully incorporated into the outdoor space.

Wood fired ovens typically feature a smooth dome that can be coloured or rendered to suit the theme of the backyard.

The dome is made out of fire bricks that can withstand very high temperatures as wood fired ovens get extremely hot, reaching temperatures of up to 300°C.

Based in Dandenong, Victoria, Clayworks Wood Fired Ovens offers two domestic models.

The company was started almost 30 years ago as a pottery supply company, providing potters with a range of clay, raw materials, refractory products and equipment.

Supplying kilns and refractory products led to the development of the brand’s wood fired ovens – as both products are based around many of the same principles.

The company developed its first wood fired oven in 2003 and continued to build on its original design, adding a range of improvements. This resulted in the creation of the Series 800 oven. With a large cooking area of 800mm, it is an ideal size for a small family.

The oven is supplied as a kit that comes complete with a refractory floor, cast nose piece, inner shell, outer shell, double skinned stainless steel flue, oven door and the materials necessary to seal the oven. 

It features a robust construction and is designed using high quality refractory materials that can withstand temperatures of up to 1300°C.

It is also reinforced with stainless steel pins.

The shape of this oven is designed to make managing the fire simple and to reduce excessive smoke.

As the Series 800 oven has both an inner and outer shell, rendering is not necessary, however it can be applied for aesthetic reasons.

According to Clayworks Wood Fired Ovens, this model can be installed in around one hour. There is no need for a fork lift, it can generally be lifted by two people.

For those after a larger oven, the Series 930 has a cooking space of 930mm, which equates to 35 per cent more usable oven space. It is great for larger families or for those planning on using the oven on a larger scale.
This oven is large enough to fit a roast turkey and trays of vegetables all at the one time.

It is also available in kit form and comes complete with a refractory floor, cast nose piece, inner shell, double skinned stainless steel flue, door and render package.

The render package includes a 25mm thick refractory blanket, refractory concrete and reinforcing stainless steel needles.

The Series 930 oven can be installed in around 3 to 4 hours.

These ovens both feature a double skinned flue which is designed to minimise the risk of burns.

Robust powder coated steel stands are available at Clayworks for both the Series 800 and Series 930 ovens. Alternatively, it is possible to build your own stand to suit your garden or outdoor entertainment area.

These domestic wood fired ovens are made in Australia and designed by a Melbourne based artist together with a team of technicians with a great deal of experience in high temperature ovens.

They combine good looks with efficient operation, optimum heat retention, easy operation and a large opening to accommodate family sized pizzas or roasts.

The company also stocks a range of accessories including pizza shovels, ash rakes, log hooks, wire brushes, ash shovels, refractory tiles, aprons, gloves and thermometers.

Clayworks Wood Fired Ovens is located at 6 Johnston Court, Dandenong, Victoria.

For more information, please email, call 03 9791 6749,  or visit the website at

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